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the finest food from Spain

We are proud of our ethics and compliance business code, designed to foster highest ethical values and commitments, and to comply with all applicable standards to protect our environment, as well as to learn about food products and its origin, production process and healthy components. Our business code covers our employees, partners and suppliers.

We feel obliged to protect the inheritance received, help others to keep it, and leave our children a better world.


We are a small family business, a fully independent organization, not reliant to any industry or financial group; we are not owners of any land or machinery, and are not dependant on climate, and/or geographical, political and economical interests.


We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do, and we would love you to share with us our passion for healthy and fancy food!

About Us

Albea Blanca´s project started up in the small village of Matamala (Segovia, Spain) where the founder meets with his colleagues and partners to share their common passion for art, food, cooking, music and nature.


Matamala is located in an exceptional natural enclave, within the Guadarrama National Park, of high architectural and cultural interest (is one of the areas with more Romanesque architecture of Europe, with dozens of churches of the 10th to 12th centuries)


The company was established in 2014 by a group of aerospace engineers ( highly concerned about healthy food, eco-friendly agricultural activities, and the application of the latest technology on food´s production, not loosing its tradictional flavor, extracting more aromas and keeping all its nutrients.​

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Besides, we believe in the need of supporting and internationally promoting, small, local, and family-owned businesses, of our extraordinary country!


And we are proud to say that Spain is the only country worldwide which includes 3 restaurants among the Top 10, and 7 among The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (


We can't wait to hear from you


illán AB ubago, S.L.

Paseo del Pinar 7, 1º izq.

28231 Las Rozas, Madrid


T (+34) 679 431 934

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