Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection

There is no other place in the world where the olive oil sector has reached the dimensions, development and complexity that Spain has today, by far the world’s leading producer and exporter of olive oil.

Within extraordinary olive varieties possibilities and different geographic and climatic areas in Spain, Albea Blanca offers a unique selection of Premium single varietals Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) produced by renowned olive growers who cultivate the olives and extract their essence with extreme devotion and responsibility, using the best environmental practices, being each oil carefully selected after a strict and thorough evaluation by prestigious experts.


The production of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires not only the latest technology, knowledge and attention, but, especially, great passion; outstanding characteristics in all the producers chosen by Albea Blanca.

Each technical and human element of the production process adds value and manages to extract the essence of each olive variety, preserving their singular and extraordinary attributes.

Maintaining up-to-date olive grove attentions, harvesting procedures, oil extraction techniques, conservation and bottling methods, a very difficult task reached by our oil ́s producers, guarantee the transference and fixation in time of all and every fresh olive aroma, flavor and natural healthy nutrient into our oils.

The oil is bottled in dark glass bottles topped with nitrogen, to avoid contact with the light and air, helping to preserve for long time its freshness, aroma and flavor, as well as their healthy and natural nutrients.


Many scientific studies and analysis have demonstrated the great health benefits that the regular consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has. Its therapeutic value comes from its plenty nutritional components, polyphenols and vitamin E, more abundant in the EVOO than in any other type of oil.

Albea Blanca olive oils have been subjected to rigorous laboratory analysis and exhaustive quality controls, to ensure the highest content in oleic acid, natural antioxidants and other healthy nutrients, with results well above the minimum requirements of international standards and EU regulations.

Numerous epidemiological, clinical and experimental studies carried out by Research Centers, Universities and other Organizations in Spain, USA and other countries, prove that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is effective in protecting health, with properties for the prevention of many diseases.


Albea Blanca Collection, aimed at the most high demanding consumers, aims to inspire our senses and consequently, our culinary creativity.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the flagship of the Spanish gastronomy and the indispensable ingredient of their nutritional, sophisticated and creative cuisine, in continuous evolution, recognized and appreciated in the restaurant sector at international level.

These Premium quality EVOOs, of diverse sensory profiles, are the perfect fresh, delicious and healthy condiment. They generate nuances in every dish, enhancing its flavor and texture, making them more appetizing and nutritious.

The Albea Blanca Collection brings personality to any recipe. The infinite possibilities that offer so varied and exquisite selection will drive you into exploring the essence of Spanish cuisine, its emotion and culture.

An ample luscious and distinguished range of aromas and flavors, from rare olive varieties that contribute subtle herb and fruit tasting nuances, combined with pleasant and stimulant bitterness and pungency, perceptible in our contrasting flavor intensities, from mild to robust.


Capable of inspiring senses and culinary creativity, intended for the most demanding consumers, every oil in this collection shows the careful and unique selection of delicious, natural and fresh oils made, guaranteed by sensory and chemical analysis, rich in natural antioxidants (Vitamin E, Poliphenols and Oleic Acid) good for your health and for oils´ shelf-life. Either complementing or contrasting flavors, our varied oil collection gives personality to each dish, and the cooking chances that offer, will emerge you in the emotional experience of exploring Spanish cuisine´s essence.

Albea Blanca EVOO Collection
Albea Blanca EVOO Collection

Natural 100%: fully loaded of healthy nutrients, as good fats, antioxidants and vitamins (good for health and for oils´ shelf-life) Every EVOO add personality to each dish and the cooking chances that offer, will emerge you in the emotional experience of exploring the Spanish cuisine´s essence.

Albea Blanca EVOO Collection
Albea Blanca EVOO Collection

From four rare olive varieties cultivated in four different Spanish geographic regions. Produced in four different innovative olive mills, using the most up-to-date technology.

Albea Blanca EVOO Collection
Albea Blanca EVOO Collection

Extracted through stringent natural antioxidative processes. Bottled in sophisticated small opaque glass bottles (keeping freshness)

Albea Blanca EVOO Collection
Albea Blanca EVOO Collection

Worldwide unique collection pack. A gastronomic experience! Four Premium-quality single-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils.