Artisanal Bread Spikes Domínguez La Luisiana
bread spikes - sesame regañás - bread ochitos - bread violins

The bread spikes are an essential part of the Andalusian gastronomic idiosyncrasy. There is not a good tapa without bread spikes, or good bread spikes without a good tapa or sauce. The daily and simple pleasure of having tapas reaches its maximum expression thanks to some of the humblest, but emblematic pieces of the Spanish bakery.


It´s the perfect companion as a crispy appetizer. For its texture and flavor is recommended to accompany a myriad of combinations and recipes: garlic soups, fresh tomatoes, sauces, hummus... contributing that characteristic flavor. It´s also the best accompaniment for Iberian ham, all kinds of cheeses, Russian salad, salmon ...


Crunching is one of the most addictive features. When biting the bread spikes the waves are transmitted through the jaw´s bones, all over the skull and massage the brain tissues, being a very pleasant process, practically universal. Each type of bread spike denotes a different intensity in the crunch, a delicate nuance. The fact of being able to distinguish soft nuances makes us be able to enjoy them more.




The great value of the final product is its exquisite flavor, due to the high quality of the raw materials which are made of, such as wheat and 100% extra virgin olive oil, from sustainable farms, carefully selected by expert bakers, based on the harvest of each year, because its nutrients and quality depend on the way they are produced.


The extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavor of the bread spikes and provides a unique, delicious, and very exclusive aroma and texture, as well as health benefits due to its good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated)



Domínguez family bakery began its activity of elaboration of artisanal bread spikes in 1968. Since then, in these 50 years of dedication, they maintain the authenticity of their products working to be at the forefront of technological advances, not forgetting their craft origins in most parts of the process. Thus, they obtain a superior quality gastronomic product, which turns the company into a reference in gourmet food for its professionalism in production, safety, hygiene, traceability, and analysis of raw materials and finished products.


The confidence of their customers is their greatest satisfaction and, therefore, their demanding level is increasing.

La Luisiana is a town in the Sevillian countryside, of ancient Roman settlements, Visigoths, Arabs and Germans, located in the province of Seville, southwest of Spain, where the highest temperatures of the entire peninsula are recorded. It´s famous for its artisan bakery culture since Charles III reigned in XVIII century, which made it possible for men from different nations of Europe to come to transform these barren lands into living towns, thanks to the planting of numerous cereals and wheats. In addition to the cultural and monumental wealth, it also has an enormous landscape richness with different natural habitats full of lagoons that attract a lot of animal variety, from waterfowl to large mammals and bovines. Being a large area, you can see land full of different trees and wheat fields, and that is why it´s considered Spain´s barn.




The elaboration process is not simple. Every detail is taken care of, and much of the success is due to the traditional recipe followed, which distinguishes the Domínguez family. After kneading all the raw materials (flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt, among other natural ingredients and mild preservatives) the dough is refined, until it is homogeneous, without lumps. Next, the dough is cut by hand and left to ferment in chambers, respecting the corresponding times, and then hand-shaped by bakery masters, one by one. The product is placed in trays and baked on them, in different ventilated lots since the production is daily, until they obtain a homogeneous golden color. To finish, they are left to cool and are packaged. For its maximum freshness, its conservation is only a few months since they are baked.

Artisanal Sesame Bread Spikes