White Asparagus from Navarra
Denomination of Origin Navarra

White thick asparagus preserved in its juice when scalded, to preserve its humidity, its soft and almost null interior fibrous texture, its constituent water and its incomparable exotic and characteristic flavor, slightly bitter, able to satisfy the most delicate palates. demanding

This extraordinary 100% natural vegetable preserve is produced by Baigorri, a family company located in Lodosa, in the Community of Navarra, in the north of Spain, on the fertile lands that constitute La Ribera del Ebro, known as the north´s natural pantry, for its abundant vegetable gardens.

With a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean influence, and a landscape gently dotted with hills and small mountain ranges, over three generations of history Baigorri has produced this delicacy under the Lodosa Denomination of Origin, which ensures not only the origin and controlled production, but the high quality and traceability of their vegetables, following a very traditional style and applying high quality standards, acquiring fame and prestige as an outstanding example of perseverance and commitment in their work, for their lands, culture and customers. The experience accumulated over the years adds to the latest technological innovations, that look towards a promising future and contribute to their products have a unique value.

White asparagus are the main stem (tender and fresh turions) of a plant of the lily family, of the variety Asparragus officinalis L. The characteristics of the clay loam on which they are grown, with a slightly basic pH; the climate, with average temperatures of 13º-14ºC, in which the cold nights influence, where there is also enough humidity and rain for the perfect nutrition of the soil; the water with which they are watered; and the care and attention that the Baigorri family places on the plantation and harvest, confer on these delicious asparagus some characteristics remarkably different from others.

These exclusive white asparagus are carefully planted between February and March, and handpicked at the end of April, until June, at their optimum ripeness moment, and according to their size. The harvest begins at six in the morning to be able to be packed on the same day, so they do not lose their water and nutrients.

They are grouped by their length, diameter and category in sizes, and cut to 20-22cm. Once carefully peeled, to remove the strands, they are scalded and dulled to the point of salt for later sterilization, following an old and handmade recipe from the Baigorri family.

Asparagus is native to the Mediterranean basin (near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) Egyptians and Greeks already consumed them for their medicinal properties, and in Roman times their consumption was popularized due to their peculiar flavor (at present, this vegetable is cultivated in temperate regions around the world) Until the late nineteenth century, the asparagus was consumed green, but began to prevail its cultivation underground and led to the appearance of the variety of white asparagus, which grows without sunlight, which prevents the chlorophyll that gives the green color from forming. It is harder to harvest, because it must be cut under the ground, and if they are exposed too long to light after being harvested, they may turn yellow or red.

This thick white asparagus vegetable preserve from Baigorri, selected by Albea Blanca, includes asparagus of exceptional quality, size and freshness. During the elaboration process, the best raw material has been used and that´s why it´s considered a delicious gourmet product and, at the same time, healthy, because it contributes a high content of beta carotene, vitamins C and E, and folates (antioxidants and revitalizing) Asparagus are rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, water and fiber, and are low in calories (perfect for depurative diets or for cases of fluid retention and inflammation)

White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus