Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes Collection
exceptional, because of the crystallization of salt through an ancient recipe

Extraordinary salt flakes, thin and crispy, in pyramid shaped crystals, produced following a traditional recipe, unique to the saline in which the salt is produced. The sea-water salt-flats are arranged in a system of multiple pools, of great beauty and luminosity, of 880 hectares officially declared Natural Park, in Alicante, east coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea Spanish sea-shore, in an ecofriendly environment created naturally as a result of the saline activity of wetlands intended for the contribution, maintenance and reproduction of numerous species of waterfowl that live in the old saltwater pools and in the seawater inlet channel.

Once cleaned of impurities, the salt water selected by experts in the saline stays natural or is colored and aromatized with different aromas and flavors. The mixture is heated carefully so that it does not lose nutrients and is left to dry, until the salt crystallizes naturally, combining millenary tradition (usual practice in the Iron Age) with a permanent innovation in technology, by the use of state-of-the-art machinery and unpolluted sanitary facilities, and in gastronomy, by the sophistication of such a basic condiment. The entire crystallization process is slow and handmade, and the recipe to get that texture, color and flavor is unique to this producer for Albea Blanca, making this collection of high quality salt so exceptional.

The water of the seas is not only water. It contains in solution a great variety of elements and chemical compounds called mineral salts, in a different proportion in each sea.

The Mediterranean Sea for 100,000 years, six million years ago, concentrated 10% of the salt of the global ocean. The water of the great ocean entered to the Mediterranean area, through the today called Strait of Gibraltar, by two channels, one of entrance and another of exit, of different height and width, that helped salinization of the sea, flooded and dried up about 50 times, due to the warm and temperate climate, becoming an immense natural salt-pool. This phenomenon would explain cyclic salt deposits, and the significant impact on the biology and the terrestrial climate of the entire Mediterranean basin.

In this Sea more water evaporates than enters through the rivers, and this water deficit causes a higher salinity than the Atlantic Ocean one, from which it receives the water that immediately loses by evaporation, increasing salinity. In addition, the Mediterranean Sea receives fresh water from rivers, in turn lowering salinity. In the long term, the salt concentration tends to homogenize, so that in the end, the average salinity of the Mediterranean Sea today is approximately 40g of salt per liter of water.

The first rains on the young Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, descended to the Mediterranean Sea passing over rocks and earth, dragging its minerals. In addition, other substances that are dissolved in the water come from the wind, wave movements and currents. Some of these substances have also gone through a series of processes of natural physical, chemical and biological change, becoming another type of element of nutritional contribution.


All these components determine the chemical properties of the water of the Mediterranean Sea in particular, and more specifically can be determined for each area of its wide coastline. Probably there are in the Mediterranean Sea all the nutrients present in the nature of the Earth! It is still being studied in this regard.

Albea Blanca´s salt is obtained by a natural process and does not go through any chemical process that alters its intrinsic composition. Only in some flavors are included small doses of components that are not harmful to health, which provide hints of color and aroma. Therefore, by including this type of sea salt in our daily diet, we balance and nourish our body with essential minerals.

More and more people are aware of all the healthy benefits that this kind of high quality salt brings when consumed in appropriate doses.


In the area of ​​ecofriendly salt-pools, officially declared Natural Park, where Albea Blanca´s salt comes from, 84 stable elements of the periodic table have been identified (chemical elements such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, among others) of which about 79 are in small quantities (trace elements). By their concentration, these are divided into two groups: those of relatively constant concentration, such as iron, manganese, copper, silica, iodine and phosphorus; and those of variable concentration, which are found in infinitesimal quantities, such as cadmium, titanium, chromium, thallium, germanium, antimony and chlorine.

Main healthy properties of Albea Blanca Meditarranean Sea salt flakes:

Provides essential minerals: Helps strengthen the immune system. It supplies essential minerals directly to the cells to increase and improve the body's immune system and increases resistance to infections and bacterial diseases. It also helps our body recovering fast from accidents, surgeries, illnesses, mental disorders, cuts and burns, flu, colds and other viruses, allergies and other autoimmune disorders. In addition, it is a home remedy for toothache.

Natural Antihistamine: Acts as a strong natural antihistamine by keeping the body at the correct pH. This helps maintain the level of acidity of the body and the prevention of different health problems and degenerative diseases.

Natural antiseptic: has antiseptic properties and can be used during bathing, to control itching and skin inflammation. It´s a very detoxifying ingredient for bathing, as it helps to extract toxins and revitalize the skin and body with trace minerals.

Prevents and cures skin diseases: Taking a bath adding sea-salt of these chemical characteristics calms irritated and dry skin, and helps improving the skin in serious diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. It opens the pores, improves the circulation of the skin and moisturizes the tissues to heal the skin.

It alkalizes the body and prevents fluid retention: It helps prevent and reverse the body's elevated levels of acids, which successively eliminates the risk of suffering from serious or deadly diseases. Salt is vital for the kidneys to eliminate excess acidity through urine. It has also been reported to help dissolve kidney stones. Without the ideal consumption of salt, the body would be becoming more acidic which can lead to a great number of illnesses and diseases. It helps controlling the amount of water in the body and regulating body fluids.

Helps loosing weight: Helps the body to create gastric juices to digest faster consumed food. On the other hand, it also helps preventing accumulations in the digestive system, which can cause constipation and weight gain. Salt provides chloride, which helps producing acids needed to digest proteins and enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrates, helping to balance weight. In addition, chloride is necessary for proper functioning of the brain and growth in general.

Cleans toxins from the body and helps you sleep better: If you drink hot water with this high quality salt before going to sleep, it helps you get a deeper and longer, relaxing and refreshing sleep. Drunk with water or applied directly in the nostrils, helps to clean the mucous membranes and bronchial congestion. This is especially important during asthma attacks and with patients with cystic fibrosis.

It improves the respiratory system and helps with asthma: it is effective at reducing inflammation of the respiratory system. It reduces the production of phlegm to be able to breathe again easily. A pinch of this salt on your tongue after drinking a glass of water is as effective as using an inhaler.


Improves cardiovascular health: a glass of water with an adequate proportion of this salt helps to reduce high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and also to normalize irregular heartbeats (which is contrary to the common misconception that it makes that blood pressure increases) Therefore, can help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. In fact, it is essential for the regulation of blood pressure.


Diabetes: reduces the need for insulin to maintain the correct levels of sugar in the body, becoming an essential ingredient of the diabetic diet.

Osteoporosis: one third of the amount of salt in our body is stored in the bones, where the salt helps keeping them strong and resistant. If there is a lack of water and salt in the body, it starts to get sodium from the bones, which over time can cause osteoporosis and bone fragility. In this way, drinking lots of water and consuming high quality salt in moderation can prevent osteoporosis.

Musculature: Potassium is essential to help muscles functioning properly. This salt contains small amounts of potassium, and helps the body to better absorb potassium from other foods. That is why it is effective in preventing spasms, cramps, some myopathies and muscle aches. It is vital for the muscular contraction, necessary to maintain muscle tone and strength, the stimulation of the nerves, the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, for the growth and development of the body.


Depression: It has been shown that salt rich in trace elements is effective in the treatment of several types of depression. Salt helps preserve two essential hormones in the body that help treat stress better: serotonin and melatonin, which help you feel better, relax and sleep better at night.


Ideal magnesium intake: which is important for enzyme production, nerve transmission, bone formation, tooth enamel formation, and resistance to heart disease, and also contains many other minerals. Babies and children have a special need for salt for the developing brain.

In cases of adrenal insufficiency and/or fatigue our bodies tend to crave salt in response to low levels of aldosterone, draining the kidneys of valuable minerals and necessary water that lead to chronic dehydration. Sea salt of these characteristics balances and nourishes our body with essential minerals.

Improves brain performance: High quality salt helps maintain electrolytes in the body that are essential for the processing of information and communication of brain cells. It should be consumed by young children, in the recommended doses, because it helps in the development of the brain.

Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes
Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes

It brings freshness to any food given its main property as a flavor enhancer.

Sea Salt Flakes Carbon
Sea Salt Flakes Carbon

Its high conservative capacity allows the preparation of perfect saltings.

Sea Salt Flakes Matarromera Red Wine
Sea Salt Flakes Matarromera Red Wine

It is very suitable to be used as a dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to its peculiar and sophisticated shape and color.

Sea Salt Flakes Ginger&Smoke
Sea Salt Flakes Ginger&Smoke

It´s a condiment that enhances the flavor of food and is an essential mineral for life, since the body needs it to function properly.