Artisanal Vegetable Preserves Baigorri
from Navarra
Baby Beans - Homemade Tomato Sauce - White Asparagus - Roasted Piquillo Peppers

The series of artisanal and natural preserves "Baigorri Selección" is within the Denomination of Origin (DO) of Lodosa, Navarra (fertile lands of the Ebro riverside) and within the high quality emblem "Reyno Gourmet", for the care and dedication placed in the traditional cultivation and hand picking of each product of the garden, and the care in the selection and preparation of the preserves.

Extraordinary vegetable preserves produced by a family run business located in Lodosa, Navarra, Spain, the fertile and incomparable natural pantry that constitutes The Ribera of the Ebro, an area well known for its orchards and fertile lands. To its shores, with a temperate Mediterranean climate and in a landscape gently sprinkled by hills and small saws, it establishes the Foral Community of Navarre, which comprises the zone of Production of Vegetables of Navarra under Denomination (appellation of origin) that ensures the origin, traceability and the high quality.

The best crops of each product are selected every year. The special location, climate and culture of this region shape the character of the artisan food offered, just as they shape the people who inhabit the area.

Throughout three generations of history, the company has been manufacturing these delicacies following the most traditional style with strictly enforced standards to maintain the excellent quality that has brought fame and prestige to the company, as an outstanding example of perseverance and commitment. The experience accumulated over the years is added to the latest technological innovations to make this company look toward to a promising future.

A wide range of products remain in a controlled production, for a matter of maximum quality, in connection with the local area, highlighting its personalization and exclusivity, which defines a productive context and contributes to these products singular value.

Quality is delivered every time. These preserves go through the most demanding quality controls and are considered jewels of the Spanish land for haute cuisine lovers; a reference for gourmets. During the process of elaboration are used only the best raw materials, 100% natural, free of preservatives and coloring. The careful preparation of the different preserves maintains their tenderness and soft taste.