Roasted Piquillo Peppers from Navarra
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Preserved roasted piquillo peppers in extra virgin olive oil, to preserve its smooth skin, its soft interior texture, and its incomparable exotic and characteristic intense, slightly sweet taste, which reveals the care and meticulousness with which they are made, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

This extraordinary 100% natural vegetable preserve is produced by Baigorri, a family company from Lodosa, in the Foral Community of Navarra, in the north of Spain, on the fertile lands that constitute La Ribera del Ebro, known as the north´s natural pantry, for its abundant vegetable gardens.

With a temperate Mediterranean climate and a landscape gently dotted with hills and small mountain ranges, Baigorri has produced this delicacy under the Lodosa Denomination of Origin over three generations of history, which ensures not only the origin and controlled production, but also the high quality and traceability of their vegetables, following a very traditional style and applying high quality standards, acquiring fame and prestige as an outstanding example of perseverance and commitment in their work, for their lands, culture and customers. The experience accumulated over the years adds to the latest technological innovations, that look towards a promising future and contribute to their products have a unique value.

These exclusive peppers are carefully planted after summer and harvested from September to December, at their optimum ripeness moment and according to their size. They are collected and peeled by hand. Once clean, they are slowly roasted until achieving the desired texture, keeping their own aroma and flavor, and providing the exclusive touch of the family recipe. Following the artisanal tradition of the family, then they are preserved in extra virgin olive oil (very healthy for its good fats, vitamin and antioxidant content)

The shape of the piquillo pepper is triangular, with a slightly curved incisive tip, ending in a peak (as the name in Spanish suggests) The size is about 7 cm long. They are fleshy and delicate, with turgid skin, not hard, and fiery red colored because of their natural content in lycopene, which is a carotene with anti-cancer anti-oxidant action.

This piquillo peppers vegetable preserve from Baigorri, selected by Albea Blanca, includes peppers of exceptional quality, size and freshness. During the elaboration process the best raw material has been used being considered a delicious gourmet product and, at the same time, healthy, because they provide a high content of vitamins A, B, C and E (especially vitamin C: more than twice what is found in fruits such as oranges, strawberries and kiwi) water, fiber, minerals and folates (essential for defenses)

Roasted Piquillo Peppers
Roasted Piquillo Peppers

These peppers are considered jewels of the Spanish land by lovers of haute cuisine; they are a reference for gourmets.

Roasted Piquillo Peppers
Roasted Piquillo Peppers

Peppers are native of South America. On his first trip, Christopher Columbus brought European peppers to Europe, and over the years have developed different varieties of peppers in Spain, one of them being the piquillo, specific to the area of ​​Lodosa, tolerant to frost and adapted to the orographic and climatological conditions of the mountain areas.