Spanish Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Opaque glass bottle, painted in blue: 250 ml (8.45 fl oz)

Green fruitiness aroma and tasty herbaceous notes, standing out hints of freshly mown grass and a ripe banana and tomato long lasting aftertaste. Considered sweet and nutty, combined with stimulant low bitterness and subtle pungency.

The Koroneiki olive is a native Greek variety from the Peloponnese peninsula, located in South Greece, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, so it magnificently develops in Spanish lands, even better when entering in Greenwich Meridian area, which by Latitude and Longitude is especially suitable for olive trees.

We have selected a small olive grove in the province of Toledo, in the central part of Spain, near the small town of Casasbuenas, a plain landscape full of almond trees and ancient olive groves. Close to the Guajaraz reservoir, its stony ground becomes a singular nutritive soil for surrounding vegetation.


Renowned for its regular productivity and its strength resisting wind and the contrasted climate of La Mancha, a region of very low temperatures during the winter and high in summer, but that allow the trees enjoy the amounts of water, hours of cold and light, necessary for its optimal development during the gradual weather changes that occur throughout the seasons.

The Koroneiki olive is medium sized, lightly rounded, of difficult releasing, high oil yield and extremely rich in nutrients, which provide high levels of Polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and long life to the oil once bottled.