Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar

Grape varieties: Organic Palomino and Organic Airén

Each variety has its own distinctive qualities and vary in color, consistency, aroma and taste.


Acidity: 6º

Glass bottles of 250 ml / 8.45 fl oz (12 units per box)

Food service format 2L-5L / 67.63-169 fl oz (2-4 units per box)

Origin: Cádiz

Albea Blanca organic balsamic Sherry vinegar is a vibrant reserve vinegar aged in oak barrels for more than 2 years before it is released, resulting in one of the purest, most complexly flavored artisanal organic balsamic sherry vinegars. This internationally standout vinegar is one of the finest in all of Spain and the first wine vinegar getting Denomination of Origin of Spain (DO)

The vinegar is aged in a vinegar cellar nestled in the historic quarter of El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, of typical 18th century wine cellar architecture. It´s bottled meeting the most demanding quality standards and certified in international food standards, in Cádiz province, a region seated on chalky soils flooded by lagoons and salt marshes millions of years ago, which once dried let sediments and fossils deposited. Accumulating moisture and many hours of sunlight, this area has become the most important wine region of the South of Spain, distinctive in the world and certainly the best of warm weather in Europe, where climate conditions favor the development of the acetic flora, essential for the production of Sherry vinegars.

Organic DOP Balsamic Sherry Vinegar: blend of organic Sherry Reserva vinegar and organic concentrated grape must

Unique and exclusive balsam recipe

DO Sherry Vinegar: Palomino grape variety

DO organic Sherry vinegar starts with Sherry wine, a organic white wine aged in oak barrels and traditionally fortified with brandy, which has been made in southern Spain for centuries. Like the wines they are made from, vinegars offer enormous range and versatility. The transformation of Sherry wine into vinegar begins when alcohol converts to acetic acid. Then, in this traditional vinegar cellar, the vinegar undergoes a process of aging and blending known as a “Solera” System: barrels of Sherry vinegar of different ages are blended over time with young ones, to create an end product that is a combination of both vinegars. During this process, multiple batches are stored in a series of tiered oak barrels, with the oldest batches on the bottom. Periodically, a portion of vinegar from the row of oldest barrels is extracted and bottled, the empty space is filled with vinegar from the next-oldest batch, and so on throughout the stack, ensuring a continuous and consistent product over time.

Contains naturally occurring sulphites; no artificial or chemical fertilizers are used in any step of the fermentation process; and the final product is nonalcoholic.

The sherry vinegar used to produce Albea Blanca´s organic balsamic Sherry vinegar, bear the Denominación de Origen Protegida (or DOP) seal, classified as Reserva, aged at least 2 years. And as the organic Sherry wine and subsequent organic Sherry vinegar is a fairly new farming technique, the classification of Gran Reserva, which must have been aged at least 10 years, is on its way.

Organic Reserva Sherry vinegar delivers bright and punchy acidity, and may contain nutty notes of berries, wood, smoke and even leather. Memories of acetone, raisins, prunes and oak. It´s very strong and sharp. Also harmonic.


Organic must: Airén grape variety

To produce organic balsamic Sherry vinegar, organic Airén white grape variety is carefully grown and harvested at the end of autumn, on their optimum ripeness moment, with the right concentration of sugars and acidity. Its juice is used in this artisanal balsamic production, boiling down to more than half its volume, creating organic concentrated must, which then is blend with aged Reserva Sherry vinegar, of Palomino grape variety. Afterwards, the mixture is aged in sanitary inspected and organic licensed facilities by the traditional Spanish Solera System, in successive oak casks. It is named for the Latin word for “balm” referring to the smooth, mellow character of this type of vinegar.

With a sweet and acid flavor that lingers on the palate (not sugars added) the tasting notes of this luscious organic balsamic sherry vinegar contain the flavors of the wood it matured in. A bold complex sweetness, piquant yet smooth. A lasting flavor of hints of fig, molasses, cinnamon, and wild cherry.

It has a beautiful bright dark-brown caramel color.

Tasty and healthy:

It is rich in antioxidants: Having a time of fermentation, the balsamic vinegar stands out for counteracting the oxidation. It contains a high percentage of resveratrol, a substance increasingly valued within elements that combat the action of free radicals.


It is rich in potassium: Due to this nutritional characteristic, , it performs a great diuretic action in the body and helps eliminate fluid retention.


Contains a high percentage of enzymes: These components actively participate in the digestive metabolism to normalize it, so it is considered a remedy to properly perform digestion .


Low in calories: consuming small amounts of vinegar is enough. It contains an insignificant amount of good fat, never saturated or trans. In addition, it includes always natural carbohydrates and sugars.


Regulates sugar levels: vinegar is low in the glycemic index, which helps control diabetes. It maintains stable blood glucose levels and does not cause peaks, which limits the possibility of experiencing a drastic rise or fall in energy.


It is anti-inflammatory: Formerly used vinegar for bone problems since it fights rheumatism. It is effective even by rubbing the painful area directly with the liquid.


It is a natural thermogenic: by having diuretic, digestive and antioxidant properties, helps the body to burn fat.


Normalizes blood pressure: reduces hardening of arteries, atherosclerosis, and reduces and stabilizes blood pressure levels.


Stabilizes cholesterol levels: low density lipoprotein cholesterol causes hardened, blocked and blocked arteries. Vinegar polyphenols limit the ability of LDL cholesterol to oxidize and reduce the amount of damage caused by LDL cholesterol in the cells of the body.


Vinegar is an essential ingredient in the kitchen:


It has a very versatile flavor and is the ideal accompaniment for legumes.

It is a typical Spanish product, basic in innumerable Spanish dishes and of general application in other so many of other countries and cultures.


It is also used as a food preservative, usually on vegetables and fruits, being one of the main ingredients in pickles and chutneys.


Vinegar is commonly poured into sauces and salad dressings, particularly when a bittersweet taste is desired.


The importance of vinegar to determine the taste of the finished dish should not be overlooked. This type of vinegar is widely used in hot sauces. A light touch of vinegar can improve many sauces gastronomically and nutritionally! especially tomato-based ones.


Vinegar combines especially well with raspberries and strawberries, enhancing its flavor; and a pinch of vinegar brings distinction to the fresh fruit salad.


In addition, it is ideal for mayonnaise. It is also used in many classic butter sauces, such as the béarnaise, often served with fish. And you get elegance and distinction in dishes of grilled white and red meat, stews and game stews.


Vinegar is extremely flexible. With vinegar a fabulous vinaigrette is made. It is also used in most marinades, especially for chicken and grilled vegetables.

Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar
Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar

Its excellent quality, high aromatic concentration and versatility, make Albea Blanca´s organic Sherry vinegar an exceptional dressing.

Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar
Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar

It´s important to store it properly, to guarantee the maximum shelf life: almost indefinitely! ​It should be stored correctly in a cool and dry place, away from light. It doesn´t need to be refrigerated.

great taste award UK 2017
great taste award UK 2017