Spanish paprika of the highest quality, over 200 ASTA!

October 19, 2016

¡¡ over 200 ASTA !!




¡You have never experienced such a level of AROMA &  TASTE!


Usually, we find in our gourmet shop the highest quality paprika, smoked or organic, with levels of between 80 to 140 ASTA grades only (


Now, we are able to offer to our customers extraordinary Spanish smoked paprika starting from 160 ASTA, up to over 200!!







Don’t miss this opportunity and ask us for a quote for this unique product.


Also, we have ORGANIC CERTIFIED SPANISH PARIKA (not smoked). Ask us for a quote!


We are passionate about mediterranean fancy food and we’ll come soon with more amazing products and offers!


Let’s enjoy the world finest food!

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