Albea Blanca Spanish Koroneiki

February 13, 2017


exclusively harvested for Albea Blanca’s customers  with unparallel 0,08% acidity


Our uncommon Spanish Koroneiki EVOO has been produced in Toledo (North side of Cabañeros Nature Reserve, Spain) with stunning fresh olives, harvested sane at the right ripeness moment, crushed and malaxated using the latest technology through an antioxidant extraction process at cool temperature, and kept in stain steel tanks light and oxygen free, resulting loaded of oleic acid, antioxidants, omegas and vitamins! Not to mention its outstanding aroma and taste!


EVOO acidity level can vary from 0% to 0,80%: closest to 0%, better quality


Ours is 0,08% = ten times less the standards! Unique!


Don´t miss the opportunity of tasting and exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a 0,08% acidity produced with the love and passion as this one is! Only available from Albea Blanca!


ALBEA BLANCA is a proactive organization able to provide you with the most comprehensive and delicate Mediterranean fancy food, with the best quality-price ratio.


Let´s enjoy the world´s finest food!


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