Spanish White Truffle Infused Olive Oil

February 28, 2017

unequaled aroma & velvety texture at an exceptional price.

Condiment greatly valued on high cuisine as the best Spanish White Truffle Infused Olive Oil



from Albea Blanca´s partner, Arotz Foods Co., the world´s biggest natural growing truffles´ plantation, with 600 hectares planted with 150.000 Holm Oaks trees, in an area of pinewoods, at 1,117 meters of altitude, in Soria, a province on the north-east of central Spain, where fresh truffles are hand-picked from ground every December using especially trained dogs to find them.


Now available in the U.S. only through Albea Blanca!


Very suitable to be used as seasoning or dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to 
its peculiar, rare and exceptional intense aroma, its velvety texture and gold color.



ALBEA BLANCA is a proactive organization able to provide you with the most comprehensive and delicate Mediterranean fancy food, with the best quality-price ratio.


Let´s enjoy the world´s finest food!

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