Organic Marcona Almonds

May 31, 2017

The Queen  of  Almonds


Of exceptional quality due to their high oil content, this makes them soft, juicy, more intense in flavor and higher in its load of natural and beneficial nutrients and fats.


Botanically it is a pure native Spanish variety, as it has no grafts from others, requiring more time and more specialized growing conditions. This very rustic plant is very well developed in Extremadura, a region with the highest number of water supplies/reservoirs in Spain, recognized as the largest and most valuable natural almond trees landscape of Europe.

The almond is quite large; rounded, plump, but more flattened in shape; about 0.45in/12mm long; slightly rough; white in color, and has a smooth white appearance. The texture is a cross between a traditional almond and a macadamia nut. Not "woody" but soft, buttery and crunchy. Sweet and delicate flavor.

Marcona almonds are popping up all over—as a dessert pairing with dark chocolate, an alternative to croutons in salads, and even emulsified into sauces. They can be eaten on their own, or as part of a Spanish cheese plate, or as a fantastic addition to salads, or just about any dessert or baked good




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